Give a round of applause for the great Miss Y

Give a round of applause for the great Miss Y

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Day five: four book series you love

A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin
Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

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during sex when he least suspects it, scream “EA GAMES” followed by whispering “challenge everything”

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but have you considered:

  • strong females who don’t denounce femininity or being girly
  • strong females who are “like every other girl” bc why the hell not girls are rad
  • strong females who tear down the culture of girls hating on other girls
  • strong females who are proud to be feminists
  • strong females who support and acknowledge trans women
  • strong females who understand that being strong isn’t synonymous with manly or with “acting like a man”
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Pros of dating me

  • i’m rly soft and squishy
  • i’ll make you hot beverages in bed
  • i’m good at compliments
  • you’ll gain lots of dorky pet names

Cons of dating me

  • ummm??
  • zero i am a goddess
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Day four: one book that taught you something important | Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

“Some friends don’t understand this. They don’t understand how desperate I am to have someone say, I love you and I support you just the way you are because you’re wonderful just the way you are. They don’t understand that I can’t remember anyone ever saying that to me. I am so demanding and difficult for my friends because I want to crumble and fall apart before them so that they will love me even though I am no fun, lying in bed, crying all the time, not moving. Depression is all about If you loved me you would.” 

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Laverne Cox just became the first transgender actress to be nominated for an Emmy


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"There is a kind of crying I hope you have not experienced, and it is not just crying about something terrible that has happened, but a crying for all of the terrible things that have happened, not just to you but to everyone you know and to everyone you don’t know and even the people you don’t want to know, a crying that cannot be diluted by a brave deed or a kind word, but only by someone holding you as your shoulders shake and your tears run down your face." Lemony Snicket, The End (via seabois)
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Tell me something: where your boss at?
Martin van Meytens, Marie Antoinette (age 12) 1767 / Diva, Beyonce


Tell me something: where your boss at?

Martin van Meytens, Marie Antoinette (age 12) 1767 / Diva, Beyonce

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"I’m self-sufficient. I spend a lot of time on my own and I shut off quite easily. When I communicate, I communicate 900 per cent, then I shut off, which scares people sometimes." Björk (via thepettywars)
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Day three: two books that haunt you |  The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer

"It didn’t matter in the end how old they had been, or that they were girls, but only that we had loved them, and that they hadn’t heard us calling, still do not hear us, up here in the tree house, with our thinning hair and soft bellies, calling them out of those rooms where they went to be alone for all time, alone in suicide, which is deeper than death, and where we will never find the pieces to put them back together"

Even her footsteps did not seem to belong to her. The night seized and transformed them, just as it transformed the greenhouses they passed from useful places for growing things into cold night palaces.”

"I learned that people can easily forget that others are human." “Prisoner” from the Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)

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